Hi Jillian and Ben,

Videos are looking/sounding great! Matt will follow up with links.

Here’s where we’re at with everything else.

I’ve been busy playing with ways to keep the visuals engaging as a backdrop for the podcast audio – and I think I’ve landed on something that’s going to be amazing! I’ve hired a designer to work with me on this, and will have the Hammerhead story ready to show you next Wednesday (if not sooner). I want to make sure you’re going to market with something super eye-catching, and once we nail the look, we’ll know what we’re aiming for moving forward.

On this page you’ll find:

– Cycle Force and Hammerhead photo galleries. NOTE: some of the bike product and other images are pending post-processing/editing, which will happen during the new style treatment
– Hammerhead and Cycle Force Podcast Audio. NOTE: Cycle Force is rough mix, pending content refinement which will come during the new style treatment. Both podcasts will have new intro and outro bumpers with Tim’s new VO replacing FixFind name.
– The handful of macro shots of the Viva bike

Next week you’ll have:

– Hammerhead PhotoCast with new treatment/look
– CycleForce PhotoCast with static images (we’ll format in the new style when you guys sign off on the look)
– 2-3 social media posts from each business (including FixFind) to review and approve style

The following week:

– Cycle Force finals
– Social Media finals (all businesses)

In the interim, I am happy to shoot the HammerHead cap interior if David doesn’t mind mailing the cross-sectioned caps. I don’t know where the wires got crossed, but I neglected to get the those shots.

Lastly, once we get through the next week work, I’ll be able to give accurate cost estimates for the next round.

Hammerhead Full Length Podcast: Audio Only

Cycle Force Group Full Length Podcast: Audio Only


Hammerhead PhotoCast Rough Cut | Will be adding motion and color treatment to all images